Addictive TV3 reality show: Secret Lives of Dancers


I admit it: I am hooked on Secret Lives of Dancers. 

And the critics like it too.

"This show is addictive."

Haglund's Heel, 28 Feb 2012

"The main attraction this time is the arrival of ballet "rock star" Ethan Stiefel, star of the Centre Stage movies, as the Royal New Zealand Ballet's new artistic director, but his predecessor, the flamboyant Gary, is still hanging around, enlivening the atmosphere with his camp witticisms."

Nick Ward, Nelson Mail, 16 Feb 2012


"Talk about beyond the tights and tutus. [...] But what makes Secret Lives primetime-friendly is the combination of insight into the art of ballet, the candid look into the dancer's lives (from the dressing room to their living rooms), and then there's the juicy, often scandalous, stuff.

It's a little bit bitchy, a touch mean, and up front and honest like NZ's Next Top Model meets Fame, with a little bit of soap opera thrown in.

But most unique of all, it's a reality show about people who have true talent as opposed to wannabes."

Scott Kara, NZ Herald, 28 August 2010

Photo © Nelson Mail







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